Epic Products Have More Xylitol

Compare Your Brands to Epic

The big companies know xylitol works. That’s not the question. They, too, understand that xylitol’s an all-natural defense against expensive dentist bills. It’s not a question of effectiveness. It’s a question of profit. Sadly.

Consider these sad and shocking comparisons:

  • Other “xylitol gum companies” use less xylitol and charge more. Huh?
  • Major mint companies love sugar as much as children on Halloween. Who else loves that sugar? The bacteria in your mouth.
  • Mouthwash companies love alcohol – which dries your mouth. Also, huh?
  • Those same alcoholic mouthwashes? They're also highly acidic - which is awful for your teeth. All caps HUH?
  • And those major toothpaste conglomerates that don’t mind disposable customers as long the profits roll in? 40% of the content is sweetener. Bacteria-loving sweetener.

We don’t. We won’t. Our products are pure and simple. And we guarantee you’ll leave the dentist smiling. The other guys and their sugars and alcohols and additives do not. Coincidence? Try our guaranteed products and see – and smile – for yourself.

If their brand worked, you wouldn’t have huge dental bills

Be wary when you see the big guys advertise xylitol – they like to promote that a little goes a long way.

We don’t disagree – with anything but their murky definition of “little.” They should say “miniscule,” or “barely any,” or “you should really just chew Epic.”

In truth, they don’t use more xylitol because – even though it works mind-bendingly well for protecting your teeth– it’s too expensive.

As a smaller company, we can get by just fine with smaller margins and happier customers, so sugar-free, gluten-free Epic products are 100% xylitol-sweetened.

More xylitol per piece … just the first of many reasons why we – humbly, of course – think Epic is better and you should pick us. See for yourself.

* Cost calculated from normal retail pricing.

BrandGrams per PieceCost per Day*
(6 grams)
Epic 1.06 $0.56
Xyla 0.72 $0.60
Spry 0.72 $0.69
B-Fresh 0.85 $1.06
Xylichew 0.72 $1.15
Trident 0.17 $3.50

Would you like to hear it from straight between the smiles of those happy customers?

Or, give us a try. The best comparison’s the one you make yourself.