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Xylitol Oral Care Intro Kit

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Xylitol Oral Care Intro Kit
Let us prove ourselves. If you’re looking to try Epic for the first time, this intro pack is perfect for a 30-day trial.
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This kit is a great way to start experiencing the tooth-pleasing goodness of xylitol. After just a couple of weeks of following our 6-a-day-recommendation, you’ll notice how slippery smooth your teeth feel when you run your tongue over them. That slippery smoothness tells you the xylitol in Epic is working to improve your oral health and defeat your mouth’s icky villains.

It’s the perfect size for a 30-day trial.


This kit includes:

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We're really happy with this
Mindy on 7/9/2012
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My family has really been happy with your product. Thank's more making a great product and asking how we likied it!!

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Well worth trying this xylitol intro kit!
Nancy on 8/10/2014
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Previously, I had been using xylitol products (mouthwash, toothpaste, mints, gum and 1# "bulk" bags of xylitol) from another company. Not only have I found your xylitol in 5# bags, it is less expensive! I love the mouthwash because the flavor of it is not overpowering (so it is more youth friendly). The gum and mints are available in sizes that can be carried around and that makes it more convenient. I love that you offer a choice in your toothpaste, but do not know why anyone would want to use fluoride. I hope they do a little research!!

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Anonymous on 10/6/2008
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I really like the whole epic cavity free kit. You really feel like you're doing something good for your teeth because the products, toothpaste, gum and mouth wash taste awesome.. no harsh or medicine taste. My whole mouth and teeth feel Great!!! I was pleasantly surprised the xylitol didn't have a gross after taste.. just refreshing. THANK YOU! I really appreciate and love the fact that your company cares enough to follow up with its customers , very impressive.

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