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Xylitol Cookbook

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Xylitol Cookbook
Your guide to crowd-pleasing sweets and treats made with xylitol


Nutritionist Karen Edwards has compiled dozens of recipes for everybody's favorite desserts using xylitol.

Her book includes recipes for over 80 favorite sweets - cookies, pies, cakes and frostings, ice cream, drinks, breads, and muffins. All of the recipes have been adapted using xylitol and other natural ingredients for healthier cooking.

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Anonymous on 7/31/2009
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I bought the sweetner Xylitol and the cookbook. With the low glycemic index my doctor recommended that I use Xylitol. I made the 7 min. frosting in the cookbook and it turned out great...kind of reminded me of marshmellow creme. (YUM) I definately recommend both! I have recommended it to my massage therapist's dad who has diabetes and to family members, giving them a sample of mine.

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Carrie on 1/28/2009
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Great product! thank you for making a cook book ! I love it!

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Carol on 9/16/2011
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The recipes look yummy but I haven't used them yet. I'm assuming it will be very helpful.

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