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Improve Your Smile. Sugar Free.

Your Discounted Smile Insurance

Hi there. Welcome. One of our customers once referred to Epic Dental as “Vitamins For Your Smile.” We kinda liked that. We think you will, too.

Who are we, you ask?

Excellent question. You’re not only good looking, but clearly insightful as well. We’re a small company with an unusually passionate family of customers who set out to create a sugar-free line of products we’d want our families to use.

We grew tired of dreading trips to the dentist. How about you? Epic Dental products reduce decay-causing bacteria using xylitol - an all-natural breakthrough. Studies show the xylitol contained in Epic gum, mints, toothpaste, and mouthwash dramatically reduces cavities.

And it tastes fabulous.

Get set to smile more and watch your dentist do the same. :)

Would you like to maybe learn more about xylitol? Maybe more about Epic Dental?

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Maybe you just have a question? Great. We like talking about this stuff and, frankly, our families get a little tired of talking about smiles all the time. How may we help you?