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There’s more

We really wish we could take credit for such a great idea, but all your forthcoming praise and happiness should really fall to Deidre, an Epic Dental customer who wrote us one day to say “thank you.”

Deidre stays at home with her child with special needs. It’s a long life but one for which she has no regrets. She loves our products and how they fit with her son’s diet. She loves the fluoride-free toothpaste option, too.

Dee told us she loves searching the internet for good news and quick laughs. She calls them vitamins for her soul, and she started sending us a few. We couldn’t pass this up.

So, we hired Deidre to collect these wonderful little moments and we share them with you twice a month along with the deals.

When you sign up for Something To Smile About, you’ll receive the secret passwords, plus a feature story worthy of a 21st Century Reader’s Digest, plus several links to more great stories when you have the time.

In each issue, too, you have the opportunity to share your own favorites. We know she’d appreciate it, and we’ll give you full credit for the smile!

There are worse ways to spend a few minutes. We know. We were hooked on what she was sending.

We think you’ll be, too. The Epic deals will just be icing on the cake.

Xylitol-flavored icing, of course. Sign up now.