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What Causes Cavities?

Bacteria Cause Cavities

While multiple bacteria play a role in cavities, the primary culprit is a nasty strain of bacteria (streptococcus mutans) that thrives by producing acid. These evil bacteria make tooth-eating acid as they feed on the carbohydrates they find on teeth. The acid eats away at teeth creating the holes we call cavities.

Of course, our own behavior can further the bacteria’s destructive work, especially if we regularly consume acidic drinks like soda, sports drinks and coffee or if we snack on foods throughout the day. But the primary culprit is still these nasty bacteria. If you seem to always have a problem at the dentist, it’s because the bacteria are winning.

If it were as simple as brushing and flossing, you wouldn’t hate the dentist. But the truth is: brushing and flossing can only remove a limited amount of bacteria.

Defeating the Bacteria Requires More

Scientific research proves xylitol may reduce your risk of tooth decay. That's because the xylitol found in Epic reduces the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

It also disrupts tooth-eating acid attacks and destroys the nasty mouth mung that soils your smile. That’s why our long line of smiling customers say the first thing they notice is that their teeth feel slippery when they run their tongues across them. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

What’s more, Epic’s gum and mints stimulate salivareducing dry mouth and serving as a catalyst for the body’s natural way to protect and buffer your teeth. And once your mouth is healthy, your saliva can actually remineralize damaged parts of your teeth by depositing calcium and minerals where acid attacks have left their marks.

But not just any amount of xylitol will do. You need enough of it to work. Here’s how you can get enough xylitol to lay waste to your teeth’s enemies.

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