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Better Than A Toothbrush?

You may have noticed that our products come printed with this little phrase: Better Than A Toothbrush.

That seems like a bold claim. If you were to walk out onto the street and start asking ordinary citizens how to best defend against cavities, most of them are going to tell you the same thing: “Brush your teeth.”

There’s just one problem: why do people still get cavities, even with constant brushing?

Well, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and I’m going to let you in on a little secret that Big Toothbrush doesn’t want you to know: That gunk on your teeth that you keep scrubbing away is only a symptom of the real problem. Taking on tooth decay requires going after the root cause of cavities, which, by the way, your toothbrush doesn’t.

Let’s talk about acid.

Dental cavities are essentially just holes that develop in your teeth. Where do they come from?

Acid. Over time, acid slowly erodes the enamel and minerals that make up your pearly-whites, leading to soreness, damage, and ultimately, a painful conversation with the dentist’s drill.

How does this acid get to your teeth in the first place?

There are basically two sources. The first is from food. Much of the food we eat is acidic. When you eat or drink acidic foods like soda, coffee, or even tomatoes, you’re introducing acid into your mouth.

The other source of acid is bacteria. These nasty bacteria live in your mouth and convert small particles of sugar or other carbohydrates into tooth-eating acid.

The good news is that your body has a natural defense against these acid-wielding invaders: saliva. It may not be polite to say so, but saliva works hard to protect your teeth. Saliva naturally helps to rebalance the pH levels in your mouth, removing harmful acid delivering vital minerals to your teeth to start on repairs.

The bad news is that this process takes time. It can take as long as 30 minutes for your body to respond and produce the saliva you need to get rid of acid after you eat. That’s 30 minutes of tooth erosion, hitting your teeth every time you eat. What’s worse is that the process resets completely every time you take a bite. You know that guy in your office that sips from a 60-oz tub of diet cola all day? His teeth are basically sitting in an enamel-eroding, cavity-causing acid bath all day long, every day.

You might think that brushing your teeth right after meals would be the way to go here. Be careful, because brushing your teeth can actually do more harm than good in the wrong circumstances.

Your toothbrush is great at getting rid of plaque, that nasty gunk that builds up on your teeth over time (some people call that feeling “sweaters on your teeth”). However, it does nothing to eliminate acid or the bacteria that create it. In fact, if you brush your teeth while there’s high levels of acidity in your mouth, you’re just spreading the acid around and into those hard-to-reach gaps in your teeth.

That’s where we come in. Epic Gum and Mints naturally promote saliva production in your mouth, reducing that acidic danger window down from half an hour to just a few minutes after you eat.

The other benefit comes from our secret weapon against bacteria: xylitol. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that’s completely safe for humans, but toxic to those bacterial acid factories. In fact, xylitol is so effective at getting rid of bacterial acid factories that the California Dental Association recommends that you get 6 grams every day.

That’s the Epic one-two punch against cavities: clean up acid when you need it most, and get rid of the bacteria that create it in the first place. That’s why we’re better than a toothbrush.