Complete Xylitol System Kit

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Save money and make getting your dentist-recommended 6 daily grams of xylitol easy when you use this bundled kit of our most popular xylitol-powered products.

Simply chew 2 pieces of Epic gum after two meals or if you prefer mints, use 2 Epic mints, four times during your day. Then brush with Epic toothpaste and rinse with Epic mouthwash in the morning and the evening.

You'll notice the difference all that xylitol makes. You and your dentist will be impressed.

This kit includes:

  • Xylitol Mouthwash
  • Your choice of Xylitol Toothpaste
  • One 144-count box of Epic Peppermint Gum
  • Two 50-count bottles of Epic Gum in Spearmint and Cinnamon flavors
  • Two 180-count bottles of Epic Mints in Peppermint and Fresh Fruit flavors
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  • 5
    We like it!

    Posted by Ana on Mar 21st 2021

    We like the gum and we think our teeth feel cleaner after chewing it. We just wish the flavor would last a little longer.

  • 5
    Epic toothpaste

    Posted by Charlotte on Aug 25th 2020

    We love the toothpaste and have used it for several years. No fluoride and great taste. Our son and his family use it too. Less cavities and I myself have never had one using it. Thanks for a great product and great service.

  • 5
    Plaque Buster

    Posted by Michael on Jul 11th 2020

    These mints are incredible. They practically eliminate dry mouth. And times when not able to brush after meals or snacking leave your mouth with that just brushed freshness. Kiss plaque and film goodbye.

  • 5
    Love these mints

    Posted by Sherryl on Apr 18th 2020

    My husband and I love these little mints. Just perfect for a quick mouth refresher! You'd never know all the good they are doing as well.

  • 4
    Love the gum

    Posted by Bonnie on Jan 17th 2020

    The gum has great flavor that lasts longer than any others l have tried. Most of the time the gum is soft but every once in awhile l get some that is a bit stiff.

  • 5
    great product and outstanding service

    Posted by Walter on Dec 25th 2019

    I've been a customer for several years. At age 70 I'm not as concerned with cavities as some of your younger customers. I just wanted a good tasting gum that didn't have the sugar or artificial sweeteners. EPIC is that gum. My teeth are mostly caps but chewing this gum makes them feel good. No sugary build up. Thanks for a great product.

  • 4
    Too Much Gum

    Posted by Crystal on Sep 29th 2019

    I prefer more mints and wintergreen needs to be offered in this package

  • 5
    Wonder Mints

    Posted by Jesse on Sep 19th 2019

    Epic It?s been a wonderful job on my dry mouth since I?ve been using them I have had no problems whatsoever on top of the fact that they are very tasty and fun to use

  • 5
    Better flavors and consistencies but still solid

    Posted by Mark on Jul 15th 2019

    I much prefer the spearmint gum but wanted to try this flavor as well. This flavor does not last as long and is also a bit firmer to chew. Now, you must always remember that this gum is used to clean the teeth not to really freshen breath (though it accomplishes both). You have about five minutes of chewing before the gum loses flavor and just becomes rubbery and waxy. Use this gum to clean and protect. It does its job with A+ precious. Again, this gum is meant to clean and protect. I also recommend using this as a sort of "sponge" to sop up coffee stains, avoid tooth rot with sugar, etc etc. It's like an insurance policy for you teeth.