Protects Your Teeth

Lay Waste to Your Teeth’s Enemies with Epic

Why are so many smiling folks saying such nice things about Epic Dental?

Probably for the same reasons dentists love the all-natural xylitol we use not only to sweeten each of our products, but also to fend off your mouth’s icky villains.

Simply put – xylitol is an all-natural sweetener similar to sugar that wreaks havoc your teeth’s enemies. It disrupts tooth-eating acid attacks. Less acid means healthier teeth. It also destroys the nasty mouth mung that lingers on your teeth. Less mouth mung means you’ll feel that slippery-smooth, fresh-from-the-dentist clean all over your mouth.

What’s more, Epic’s gum and mints stimulate saliva - reducing dry mouth and serving as a catalyst for the body’s natural way to protect and buffer your teeth and sweet smile.

We make it simple for you to get the recommended 6-8 daily grams of xylitol because no one gives you more xylitol for less. Go ahead - compare brands, and you’ll see.


Learn how you use the Epic System to lay waste to your teeth’s enemies.

Xylitol - Your Child’s New Best Friend

Have you ever met a child who likes going to the dentist? Us either. Why not help them reduce their stress and fear by giving them the confidence to know they’re more than likely just going in for a good tooth brushing and flossing?

If you think you’re ready, why not jump in with our best-selling Dental Protection Kit and put the guarantee to work for you.

Questions About Protecting Your Teeth with Xylitol?

If you have more questions, we’d love you to contact us. We seriously love talking about this stuff.