What Our Customers Say

We’re Humbled. And Thankful. And, of course, Smiling!

Hearing that what we do brings a smile to so many people is what keeps us working so tirelessly to provide the Epic experience to our customers.

We don’t like to brag around here, but it’s hard to keep the swagger out of our stride when we’re constantly hearing that our work is making such a big difference for so many.

We have thousands of grinning customers who are endlessly gushing praise in our direction. It’s a rather humbling experience.

Here’s just a small sample of unedited comments from our smiling customers.


Smiling Friend: Nathan from Findley, Ohio

“Our journey with Epic has been just that, Epic! No cavities for anyone in our five person family
since 2004!! :-)"

Smiling Friend: Tek from Salt Lake City, Utah

"This is the second round of treatment for both my son and me. I've done the six day treatment for over six months, have no new cavities, and really, have a very happy mouth. Additionally, my 12 year old son, who has had many cavities, uses the gum, and toothpaste routinely and had his first cavity free visit with Dr. Thomas Brickey. I think the product is tremendous. You have two very dedicated clients!!"

Smiling Friend: Ashley from Redlands, California

"I was at a point where I was having an allergic reaction to all toothpaste - even the brands claiming to be the most natural. My friend at work introduced me to Epic - her dentist had it at their office. I am so thankful. I will forever be a customer! No allergic reaction ever."

Smiling Friend: Barbara from East Aurora, New York

"I have used you gum, tooth paste and sugar and love your product. I have a neighbor who has a very serious dry mouth problem as the result of throat cancer and she loves your chewing gum. We couldn't be happier with you product." 

Smiling Friend: Doug from Manchester, New Hampshire

"I've been using Epic gum for 2 and a half years now, chewing 2 or 3 pieces after each meal or snack. At my first cleaning 6 months after I started using Epic, my dental hygienist told me my hygiene was "excellent" and asked if I was doing anything different - I told her I was just using the Epic products she herself had recommended to me, otherwise I hadn't changed a thing in my flossing and brushing routines. Epic really helps control plaque and keep my gingivitis in check. Thank you for a great product. 

Smiling Friend: Bob from Franklin, Tennessee

"I've been using a Xylitol toothpaste for a few years now. The first thing I noticed was during my dental visits. When I had my teeth cleaned, the technician did not have to scrape the plaque from my teeth as much as in the past. I have gone to the dentist numerous times in the past couple years with the same positive results. Epic seems to clean my teeth in the same fashion." 

Smiling Friend: Izzy from Glencoe, Minnesota

"My daughter, who is a dental hygienist, introduced me to Epic Dental a couple years ago. The product impressed me so much; I began to order on a regular basis. Proof of the pudding is that I went a year and a half before getting my teeth cleaned and my dentist was amazed with how little plaque actually accumulated over that period. My worst fear I have is losing my teeth and using Epic has really paid off. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using Epic!"


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