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A Smaller, Sweeter, Better Approach to Smiles

Apple, Jeep, Whole Foods, Sam Adams … and Epic Dental???

Why did one customer recently compare us to those companies? (Thanks, Deidre, by the way. We don’t drink - so we don’t know about the Sam Adams thing, but we’ll take your word for it.)

Heck, we’re just this tiny little company that wanted to make a product we’d allow our own families to use. Each day it seems like we’re asking ourselves these questions, too.

We can’t compete with the biggies’ Mass Produced Old School Ad Budgets or their super ginormous expensively-shod sales staffs. (Though Abbey here at the shop just bought some cool new Chucks.)

But, through a little hard work and a lot of listening, Epic Dental has managed to become one of the world’s leading providers of innovative dental care products. It still feels funny to type that.

About that Pixie Dust ...

Your products get sweet-sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener that destroys your mouth's icky villains. We liked it so much and our friends and families liked it so much that we swooped up a patent on the perfect delivery mechanisms for it. It’s also why we’re confident guaranteeing you'll leave your next dental visit smiling.

We’re a small, privately-held company. We were founded in 2003.

Umm … what else would you like to know? We like skiing and being out-of-doors here in Utah. We like clowns. We like puppies.

We like that you’re here reading this, too. Thousands of others were happily here before you. It’s still a little funny to us to type that, too.

Oh, and we love answering questions about this stuff. Honestly, our friends and family have grown a little weary of our overzealous passion for Epic Dental, xylitol, and smiling.

Our phone number’s at the top of every page on our site, but to save your finger the scrolling, it’s 1-800-494-3742.

How may we bring a smile to your face?