Xylitol Fights Cavities

If their toothpaste worked, you wouldn’t hate the dentist.

Sorry if that’s harsh, but wouldn’t it be awesome to stop paying the dentist so much money? Think what you could do with that cash... We’ll hold...

The simple truth is: Epic delivers where the big oral care corporations fail. That’s because Epic puts more xylitol in all of our products. And we guarantee you’ll notice the difference all of that extra xylitol makes.

That’s because your mouth’s icky villains hate this Super-Hero of Oral-Awesomness. And when we say “hate,” we mean lay-awake-nights-scheming-for-most-painful-revenge-hate. Big hate. Nasty hate. These evil mouth monsters do NOT want to meet up with xylitol in a dark alley.

Why? A number of reasons: For starters, xylitol wreaks havoc on your teeth’s enemies. It disrupts tooth-eating acid attacks. Less acid means healthier teeth. It also destroys the nasty mouth mung that soils your smile. That’s why our long line of smiling customers say the first thing they notice is that their teeth feel slippery when they run their tongues across them.

Scientific research proves xylitol may reduce your risk of tooth decay.

What’s more, Epic’s gum and mints stimulate saliva - reducing dry mouth and serving as a catalyst for the body’s natural way to protect and buffer your teeth and sweet smile. That’s right – once your mouth is healthy, your body can actually remineralize damaged parts of your teeth by enabling new calcium and minerals to be deposited where acid attacks have previously caused these minerals to leach out.

Here’s how you use the Epic System to lay waste to your teeth’s enemies.

Your Child’s New Best Friend

Have you ever met a child who likes going to the dentist? Us either. Why not help them reduce their stress and fear by giving them the confidence to know they’re more than likely just going in for a good tooth brushing and flossing?

As a parent of young children myself (me, the writer guy and Epic fan), I can tell you that by consistently using the Epic fluoride-free toothpaste, along with Epic’s gum and fresh fruit mints, I rest easier knowing the healthy mouths Epic xylitol gives my kids.

If you think you’re ready, why not jump in with our best-selling Slippery Smile Kit and put the guarantee to work for you.

Ha! The Slippery Smile Kit works … so your dentist doesn’t have to …