You'll Leave the Dentist Smiling Guarantee

You & Your Dentist Will Be Impressed.

“Holy cow. Someone made a difference.”

Six months from today, you’ll be saying something similar.

We’re willing to put our money where your mouth is to prove it with the Epic You’ll-Leave-The-Dentist-Smiling Guarantee.

This challenge is for you if you feel like you've tried everything, but always seem to leave the dental office in a novocaine-ridden, lip-swollen state.

Two Dental Protection Kits. Order one now. We make it easy for you to order the second one - you may even put it on auto-reorder in the cart if you prefer. Use them as directed.

If you and your dentist aren't impressed, we'll refund your money, and you keep whatever product is left over. Don't return a thing. All we ask in return is that you leave us honest feedback at the end of six months.

Try us out. We’re up to the challenge.

Using your Slippery Smile Kit makes it simple for you to get your dentist-recommended 6 daily grams of xylitol. It lets you choose any of these options:


  • Chew 2 pieces of Epic gum after every meal 
  • Brush with Epic toothpaste and rinse with Epic mouthwash in the morning and the evening. Chew two pieces of Epic gum twice during the day.

See how easy and convenient it can be? You’ll thank us. Your dentist will thank us. Anyone with whom you do business or pleasure will thank us for that glowing, confident smile on your face.

Are you up to the challenge? Let’s get you started on the short, six-month road to better health and a brighter, more confident smile.

Skeptical? Good. Like our products, skepticism’s healthy, and we’re happy to show you the proof before you decide.

We’re ready to make a difference. That's why we started this little company.

Still have questions? Please let us know, or perhaps you’d like to hear why others are making the switch to Epic Dental?