You'll Notice the Difference

Try us for two weeks. If you don't think Epic's working, return the unused portion and we'll refund your money and any shipping costs. No questions. No hooks. No catches.

So, how can you tell this stuff is working?

Throw it against a wall. If it sticks ... no wait, that's pasta.

Epic: Our Secret's in the Slippery

Once you've been following our simple "6 a day" recommendation, you'll notice how slippery smooth your teeth feel when you run your tongue over them. That's the first sign the xylitol in Epic is working to improve your mouth's health, defeat your mouth's icky villains, and allow your dentist to smile and say, "Great job."

Yes, the slippery's subjective. We won't ask questions if you choose to return it. It's just that experience has taught us you probably won't.

In two weeks - probably less - we're willing to bet you'll feel quite a difference. What's say we get started? Get your Dental Protection Kit today.

Yes. You're up to the Challenge

Here's what's interesting. Once you're hooked to the smooth, slippery (smoothery??) feeling, something even greater's going to happen. Use Epic as directed for six months, and we'll proudly guarantee that you'll come out of your next dental visit smiling. That's how well it will work. We know it. We've seen it. Our dentists have given us that cool approving nod.

This is for you - as it was for us when we began this little company - if you feel like you've tried everything, but still every time you visit the dentist, you've got to schedule that novacaine-ridden, lip swollen follow up.

Skeptical? Good. Like our products, skepticism’s healthy, and we’re happy to show you the proof before you decide.

We’re ready to make a difference. if that sounds corny, so be it. Please accept our challenge.

Still have questions? Please let us know.