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#6 - Clobber The Yuckys and Nasties With Xylitol

Ok, our colors are going to start showing here again. Here at Epic, we believe so strongly in the power of xylitol that we founded a company around spreading the good news.

If you’re unfamiliar, xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that’s been found to actively fight and remove bacteria that cause cavities. Perfectly safe for humans, xylitol interferes with the metabolic processes of acid-producing, cavity-causing oral bacteria, eliminating them and decreasing their production of plaque.

Studies have shown that xylitol is incredibly bad for Streptococcus mutans -- the primary bacteria responsible to cavities. Xyltiol interferes with their metabolic processes, bringing an end to the tyranny of your teeth. Removing these harmful cavity-causing bacteria from your mouth means less plaque film, which means you get to enjoy a slippery-smooth, fresh-from-the-dentist smile, even months after your last visit.

In fact, xylitol is so effective at beating back cavities that the California Dental Association recommends you get 6 grams of xylitol per day for a healthy smile. They’re so excited about xylitol that they’ve published their findings on their website.

There are plenty of gums and mints out there that use a little sprinkle of xylitol - it looks great on the package - but it’s important that you’re getting enough to actually make a difference for your smile. Most “xylitol” gums out there are mostly sweetened with aspartame, sorbitol, or other junk sweeteners that diminish the oral health impact. Look for gums like Epic that are are 100% sweetened with xylitol. That will make it easy to get your dentist-recommended 6 grams a day.

Load Up On Xylitol With Epic Gum & Mints.

We’re obviously a little biased, but we’ve specially formulated Epic Gum and Mints to help you beat back cavities for good. With 1.06 grams of xylitol per piece (that’s more than any other brand!), Epic Gum and Mints make it easy to get your dentist-recommended daily dose.

There’s simply no better way to clobber cavities and defend against oral invaders than with Epic Gum & Mints.

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