Aspartame: A Matter of DIS-taste.

Aspartame: A Matter of DIS-taste.

Maybe not so subtle heading there, huh? I don’t know - it’s like you and us - we’re in this little club that knows the truth about aspartame.

We’re among the (all too) few who’ve read the research, watched a few videos, and had friends roll their eyes at us when we launched into the facts about aspartame.

The simple truth about aspartame

Why large companies sweeten their sugar free gum with aspartame:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Including it in your sugar free gum increases your profit margin
  • It’s very easy to suggest it makes the flavor last longer

Most companies slither aspartame into their gum and get away with it on sheer marketing inertia. Our friends and family don’t know what they don’t know.

But this has to be one of those cases where ignorance is most certainly not bliss.

We want you to know you can enjoy all our sweetly sugar free products with confidence.

Epic: Aspartame Free and Proud of It

Sorry, we’re simply not most companies. We built this company on sugar-free products we knew were safe for our own families.

That’s why there’s no aspartame within a mile of our gum or mints. It’s why families continue to make our Slippery Smile Kits our biggest sellers month after month, and it’s why people with special dietary needs trust our sweetener to bake their decadent desserts and treats.

We go to exhaustive lengths to make sure our all-natural xylitol sweetens your senses with the purity and innocence of a newborn child.

It may not be the cheapest and easiest way to make a buck, but frankly you have more value to us than that.

We're a small company. Every customer literally matters. We welcome your questions or feedback. How can we prove ourselves? How can we help to keep you delighted? See, we'd like to keep you around as long as possible. :)